HomePro Portable Vacuum: Review of the Smallest and Most Powerful Handheld Vacuum-2024

Editor's Note: After it - indeed, not a speck!

Tired of tedious cleaning? It seems we've found something that will make your life easier.

Introducing: the compact handheld vacuum HomePro Portable Vacuum - the most powerful mini gadget for cleaning.

They say it not only cleans FAST (literally in 10-30 seconds a day), but also CLEAN (eliminates even microscopic dust and allergens).

Is it true?

Let's find out now!

What is HomePro Portable Vacuum?

HomePro Portable Vacuum is a compact handheld vacuum for quick cleaning. In just a few seconds, it will tidy up any area: from the table to the car.

With its help, you can freshen up curtains without removing them for washing, quickly clean up spilled grains or flower soil from the floor, clean the keyboard, and so on.

According to the manufacturer, this vacuum reduces cleaning time from several hours to 2-30 seconds per day.

Despite its small size, the vacuum has a powerful motor and a premium filter - just like premium expensive models. The system traps any dirt and dust in the container, down to microscopic particles, bacteria, and allergens.

Therefore, after cleaning with HomePro Portable Vacuum, not only your home will be clean, but also the air in it.

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A universal cleaning solution.

That's why thousands of people choose HomePro Portable Vacuum.

Powerful suction

The vacuum instantly removes all dust and dirt, both large and small debris.

Wireless technology

You're not dependent on cords and sockets, so you can clean anywhere, even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Battery-free operation

Charging the vacuum is as simple and quick as charging a smartphone or laptop. Just put it on charge after use!

Suitable for any surface

Carpets, wood, laminate, sofa and chair upholstery, cars, basements, garages... There's nothing impossible for HomePro Portable Vacuum!


You can take it with you everywhere! The vacuum easily fits in the car, on a shelf in a drawer, or in the far corner of the room.

Long-lasting battery

One charge of HomePro Portable Vacuum lasts for 2 hours of continuous operation.

Buying HomePro Portable Vacuum - the best investment in health.

The powerful filter of the HomePro Portable Vacuum instantly absorbs and retains the smallest and harmful particles of dust, making it indispensable for asthmatics and for anyone who cares about a healthy microclimate in their home.

What makes HomePro Portable Vacuum better than other handheld vacuums?

Standard handheld vacuum

  • Low power
  • Quickly discharges
  • High price
  • No suction function
  • No filter

HomePro Portable Vacuum

  • High power, like a good corded vacuum
  • 2 hours of continuous operation on one charge
  • Affordable price, available with a discount
  • Fine dust suction function
  • Powerful filter against bacteria and allergens

Frequently Asked Questions about HomePro Portable Vacuum

Is this vacuum suitable for cleaning cars?

Yes, the HomePro Portable Vacuum is perfect for daily car cleaning. It effectively cleans carpets, seats, and easily reaches into hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it is very powerful, which helps you save money on professional car washes. Therefore, if you're considering buying a vacuum for your car, we recommend considering the HomePro Portable Vacuum.

Is the HomePro Portable Vacuum suitable for cleaning carpets?

Yes, thanks to its high power, this vacuum effectively cleans dirt and dust from carpets and rugs. It can even handle long-pile carpets.

Do I need to clean the vacuum's container after each use?

Yes. However, it's very easy and will take you no more than 2 minutes. Simply remove the container, empty its contents into a trash can, and rinse it with water. That's it! The vacuum is ready for the next use.

Does the HomePro Portable Vacuum remove pet hair?

Yes, it easily solves the problem of ubiquitous pet hair. You don't need a large and expensive vacuum for this. The power of the HomePro Portable Vacuum is enough to deal with pet hair in your home.

What should I do if this vacuum doesn't suit me?

If you have any complaints about the quality of the product, you can exchange it or get a refund within 30 days. The warranty period is calculated from the date of receipt of the order.

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HomePro Portable Vacuum has changed their lives for the better!

Heinrich Bought this vacuum for cleaning the garage. Truth be told, my place has never been cleaner! When my wife saw it, she started using it for the house. Had to order a second vacuum!
Clyde With HomePro Portable Vacuum, I now have perfect cleanliness everywhere: in the car, in the apartment, and even in the office. And I hardly spend any time cleaning.
Sara I thought that chaos with three kids was normal until I bought HomePro Portable Vacuum. Turns out, you can have a clean house with kids!!! Even with my youngest, who is always trying to spill or scatter something.
Emma It's so small and powerful! When I need to clean something, I don't have to drag a big corded vacuum through the whole house. This little guy does an even better job!